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Our Mission

The mission of the Stan C Parker Foundation, a 501c3 Charitable Organization, is to assist those in need through a culture of advocacy, support, charity, education, and attaining joy through victory.  With a focus on US Veterans, our projects will always be impactful.

Stan Parker Foundation Projects

Kamp Kujo - It all started with a dog.  Kujo was a stray dog in Afghanistan who was adopted by a unit of Marines in 2010.  Faced with leaving Kujo to an almost certain death as they returned home, the Marines put out a plea for help to Save Kujo.  The Parker Family led the way and Kujo came to live in Central Texas.  In July of 2012, Kujo chased a deer into the woods and did not return.  A massive search ensued, including tracking dogs, searchers on foot and horseback, ultra light planes, and television coverage.  Unfortunately, Kujo was not found but his legacy lives on in the Facebook Page, Kamp Kujo, which is dedicated to pets of all kinds, and particularly to helping to spread the word of lost and found pets in order to help them find their way home.

Veterans Appreciation Luncheon - involvement with Kujo led us to initiate the Veterans Appreciation Luncheon in 2010.  This luncheon takes place in Waco, Texas, every year.  All Veterans are invited to enjoy a free barbecue meal with all the trimmings, along with a different speaker each year.  Attendance averages approximately 500 people and includes VA patients and veterans from WWII forward. 

PTSD Class Graduation Dinners - Working in conjunction with the Doris Miller Veterans Center in Waco, Texas, the Stan Parker Foundation provides a graduation meal to graduates of the PTSD program twice a year.

Young Marines Training - Each year, the Central Texas Young Marines visit the Parker Ranch for firearms and water safety training and testing.

There are many other ongoing projects throughout the year supporting Veterans and others in need.  

How You Can Help

You can be involved!  Please contact Stan Parker at stancparkerfoundation@gmail.com or 254.749.4934.  

You Can Help!!

Please let us know if you would like to volunteer or make a donation. All donations go to the projects of the Stan C. Parker Foundation and are tax deductible.